Pisac Sustainability Minute Actions
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In January 2016, the FWCC World Plenary Meeting approved the Pisac Sustainability Minute proposed by the Consultation on Sustaining Life on Earth,  facilitated by Jonathan Woolley (Mexico City MM/Pacific YM; Staff, QUNO-Geneva), Rachel Madenyika (Staff, QUNO-NY), and Charlotte Gordon (Aotearoa/New Zealand YM).
"This FWCC Plenary Meeting also asks all Yearly Meetings to initiate at least two concrete actions on sustainability within the next 12 months. These may build on existing projects of individuals or monthly meetings or they may be new initiatives. We ask that they encourage Young Friends to play key roles. We ask that meetings minute the progress and results, so as to share them with FWCC and Quaker meetings." The full text of the minute can be read at http://fwcc.world/fwcc-news/living-sustainably-and-sustaining-life-on-earth-the-minute-from-the-plenary

Please share your actions below.

How did you hear about the Pisac Minute on Sustainability?

I was at the FWCC World Plenary Meeting in Pisac, Peru in January 2016.
I read about it in a FWCC newsletter, website, or other publication
I heard about it from a Friend
I saw the QuakerSpeak video about it
I read about it in another publication or website (please specify which)
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Which group are you reporting for? (If you are reporting for more than one group, for example: your monthly meeting and your yearly meeting, please fill out the survey separately for each group.)

Monthly meeting or local church (please specify which)
Yearly Meeting (please specify which)
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What are the sustainability actions your group is committing to? What results have you seen?


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How are Young Friends involved in these actions?


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On what date(s) did your group minute the decision, progress or results? Where could the Friends World Committee find a copy of these minutes?

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