Quiz - Reasons for Illiteracy
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What is the best meaning of literacy?
The ability to use the written word and apply information in our lives.
The ability to read and write.
The ability to read books only.
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Select the social problems associated with illiteracy.  Check all that apply.
Health problems
Lack of social skills
Required 4.
There are many causes of illiteracy.  Briefly describe what the cycle of illiteracy means.

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Required 5.
Select the accurate illiteracy rate in Oklahoma County.
One out of five adults are below a functioning reading level.
Two out of ten adults read below a basic reading level.
There are currently 13 out of twenty residence who function below a basic reading level.
Required 6.

I am required to go through training to become an reading tutor.

Required 7.
If I became a trained tutor, do I pay for my own supplies?: