Natural Playscape Design & Equipment Survey
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Did you attend the December 13, 2016 Open House Presentation?
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Are you a current member, donor, volunteer or supporter of the Lincoln Park Conservancy?
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What are the age groups of your children or grandchildren?
Infant to 1 year old
2 to 5 years old
6-10 years old
More than 10 years old
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How would you rank the overall design concept of the new Natural Playscape at North Pond?
I Love It
I Like it, but it needs tweeking
I'm Neutral
I Hate It
Required 5.
Please rate each of the play components in the new Natural Playscape.
 Love It Like It Neutral Might Not Use It Won't Use It 
Sideways Climbing Tree with Balancing Log
Hillside Slides with embedded Rock Climb
Net-Rail Climber
Nature Play Area - Willow tunnel, hollow log, living teepee, sun dial, stroking stone
Children's Gardening Beds
Fossil Sandbox with tree stump balancing border
Nature & Imagination Area - Tea Party table/chairs, log shelter, labyrinth, big tree chair, arbor swing for parents with infants
Tot and ADA Swings
Dry Creek with hand water pump
Gathering Space (for picnics, birthday parties, Conservancy programs for kids, etc.)
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What range includes your age?
18 - 34
35 - 54
Over 55
Prefer not to answer
What did we forget?  Is there a piece of equipment or special feature we should be including in the natural playscape design?

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