Help us improve your registration experience!

We are upgrading our registration and facility management software and we need your feedback! After 20 years of using our current registration software, we have launched a two-year project to replace it with a more intuitive and user friendly system.  We are calling on all Parks and Recreation program participants to provide critical information that will help us select a product that works for you, our customers.

Please respond by Sunday, March 26, 2017.

Questions or comments?  Contact us at or (650) 829-3800.

How do you typically hear about Parks and Recreation classes, events, and activities?  Select all that apply.

Friend or family member
Quarterly Parks and Recreation Activity Guide
E-mail newsletters from the City
Social Media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Visiting a Recreation Center
City website
School flyers
How can we improve our communication about upcoming classes, events, and activities?

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In the past 12 months, have you registered for recreation classes offered through the Parks and Recreation Department Activity Guide for you or someone in your household?

No (skip to Question 6)
I'm not sure
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Please rate your experience registering for classes according to the registration options listed below, rating on a scale of Excellent to Poor:

 Excellent Very Good Average Fair Poor I have not tried this 
Online (
Touch-tone phone
Mail-in or fax-in registration form
Drop off form at the Parks and Recreation Dept. office
In person, with the help of Parks and Recreation Dept. staff
Other (please describe in the Comment field, below)
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Please tell us about what would improve your experience registering for recreation classes.


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If you answered "no" or "I'm not sure" to Question 3, what has prevented you from registering for a recreation class offered through the Parks and Recreation Department Activity Guide within the past 12 months?  Select all that apply. 
I just haven't thought about it.
Lack of programs that are of interest to me. Please list areas you'd like to see us offer on the Comment box, below.
Fees are too high.
Program times are not convenient. Please list these classes in the Comment box, below.
There is a waiting list for the classes I am interested in, and I have not been able to enroll. Please list these classes in the Comment box, below.
I use services offered by other organizations.
Online registration is difficult or confusing.
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Please indicate how likely you would use the following features if they were offered, rating on a scale of Very Likely to Not Likely.
 Very Likely Somewhat Likely Not Likely I'm not sure  
a. Online picnic area reservations  
b. Online calendar showing availability of facilities for rent  
c. Text message alerts  
d. Membership Pass (e.g. 10-visit script card, or monthly pass to participate in specific activities such as lap swim, drop-in Zumba, or open gym)  
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Please use this space to provide any comments that you feel will help us better serve you and your fellow residents.


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