Manufacturing Marketing Matters - 2017 Podcast Topic Survey

Which topics would you like us to discuss on the podcast? 

Content marketing
Digital marketing
Specific marketing tactics; i.e. email marketing, blogging, webinars, SEO, etc.
Go-to-Market strategy
Manufacturers marketing case studies
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How do you like the length of the podcast episodes? (currently between 35 and 45 minutes)

The current length is about right.
I prefer a shorter podcast, less than 30 minutes.
I prefer a longer podcast, more than 45 minutes.
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What do you think about our regular, interview style format; 30 minute interview, one challenge question and the takeaways?  Should we keep it or would another format be more useful?

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How useful are you finding the MM Matters podcast?
Highly useful Somewhat useful Neutral A little bit useful Not useful       
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