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Thank you for purchasing a high quality pond product from Laguna.
Filling out this registration form will extend the full guarantee from 3 years to 5 years, at no additional cost.
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Print out your confirmation e-mail and keep it in a safe place together with your proof of purchase (sales receipt). The extended guarantee is only valid with the printout and a copy of the proof of purchase - both documents will be required for any claim under the guarantee.
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Powerjet Fountain Pump 2200
Powerjet Fountain Pump 4000
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Powerjet Fountain Pump 7600
Powerjet Fountain Pump 9000
Powerjet Fountain Pump 11000
Max Flo Waterfall and Filter Pump 2200
Max Flo Waterfall and Filter Pump 4000
Max Flo Waterfall and Filter Pump 5000
Max Flo Waterfall and Filter Pump 7600
Max Flo Waterfall and Filter Pump 9000
Max Flo Waterfall and Filter Pump 11000
Max Flo Waterfall and Filter Pump 16500
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