Thank you for helping us gather valuable information for our Community Assets Mapping Project.

An assets map is an inventory of the strengths, gifts, and other positive features of a community, where they are located, and the connections between them. We map a community's assets so that we can understand what a community already has going for it so efforts for improvement can be made by building on the community's existing strengths, rather than focusing on weaknesses or on what is missing.
What is a community asset?
-A physical structure (school, landmark, symbol)
-An open space (sidewalk, park, plaza)
-A gathering place (church, bench, coffee shop, street corner)
-A story and history of a place
-A community service or activity
-A business 
To collect information we are having conversations with important individuals and community organizations; convening community meetings to gather perspectives; researching demographic information and history; and collecting information through a quick survey (like this one) from neighborhood residents, workers, and visitors.

We estimate that this survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete. If you have already taken this survey in paper or electronic form, please stop now.  Otherwise please continue.

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