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New Morning Nursery School Spring Auction 2017

What items and services have you bid on in the past and would you bid on them again?


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What items and services would you be excited to bid on at this year's event?


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Do you know people or businesses who might be interested in donating an item or service to our event? If yes, please list below and include your name at the end of the survey. A member of the planning committee will follow up with you.

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How is your family planning to help with the Spring Auction? Please select all that apply.
By attending the event
By purchasing raffle tickets
By bidding on items and services
By donating items or services
By making a cash donation to the event or future fund
By volunteering on one of the event committees
By connecting the planning committee with a person or business for donation solicitation
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If you answered yes to question 3, or if you would like a member of the planning committee to follow up with you regarding this event, please provide the following info:

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