Thank you for participating in our survey on hospital price setting policies!
Over the past several years we have been asking hospitals about the issues they are facing around pricing transparency. We have used those responses to pen articles for hfm and hfm's Strategic Financial Planning quarterly publication. Our article "How Hospital's Approach Price Transparency" was the hfm cover story for September 2014.
As many hospitals continue to develop their responses to pricing transparency, we thought it would be of interest to know if hospitals have formalized policies around the price setting process. This survey is very brief and begins simply by asking if your facility has a formal pricing policy. If so, we follow that question up with a list of possible elements that we would like you to identify as part of your policy. If you answer no, we would like to know why you may not have a formal policy in place. We expect that many of you will respond that you have an informal framework that works, but we are curious to know just how many of you have formalized a policy.
We plan to summarize the responses into an article for an upcoming Strategic Financial Planning publication. Your individual responses will be kept strictly confidential. We would also be grateful for the chance to receive a copy of your policy, if you have one. Again, this would be kept strictly confidential but used in combination with others to add to our article as to how specific hospitals policies may be.
Thank You!
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