Thanks for submitting your TEDxCharleston 2017: SHAKE IT UP idea. This guide is to maximize your time spent. Read below, and hit "Continue" to complete your application.

Idea Worth Spreading
An idea worth spreading brings business, scientific, artistic, or cultural breakthroughs onto the stage to shift perceptions, invoke change, or argue for an alternative way. Ideas focus less on mechanisms for how something works; instead provoke thought on why it matters to the local and global community at large. Best TEDx talks are living ideas worthy of conversation and collaboration, woven into stories that audiences comprehend, relate to, and take conclusions away.

TEDx talks are not exclusively motivational or inspirational in scope. TEDx talks do not pitch or 'plug' products, services, or published works. TEDx talks do not take a position in political or religious debate including new age ideas, and only support credible science over pseudoscience.

Great Application
A great TEDxCharleston application showcases fluency in the topic area you chose. We look for enthusiastic speakers who demonstrate subject matter expertise, and a level of mastery that allows them to make a clear thesis about why others should care.

Your application should not only provide a clear "big idea", but provide proof of execution of your idea in the community, at school, or within a professional body. A strong application connects your idea to TEDxCharleston theme, SHAKE IT UP, and offer examples for how you enrich our community with unlikely conversation.

Standout Speaker
No two TEDx speakers are the same. There is no perfect formula for how to give your TEDxCharleston talk. You don't have to be a seasoned speaker to stand on our stage, but you must have passion! Audiences crave big ideas delivered in bite-sizes through a combination of authenticity, conviction, and storytelling.
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