2017 Chrism Liturgy RSVP
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From Bishop William O. Gafkjen, Indiana-Kentucky Synod, ELCA: 

The locations for the 2017 I-K Synod Chrism Liturgies have been chosen after a great deal of conversation and thought. As we have moved away from ten such liturgies each Lent to four or five, we have tried to move them around in a way that ensures that as many folks as possible have access to one. Thanks to our geography, this is a challenging task which was complicated a bit this year by the effort to do up to four of the liturgies with our Episcopal sisters and brothers. You will see that, in this regard, we were successful with two of the four Episcopal dioceses. In some cases some years, participation in a chrism liturgy will likely require travel of a couple of hours or more on the part of a number of our folks. Hopefully, it will not be the same folks every year. This year the liturgies are located in only two conferences that hosted one last year. In those two cases, we will be in a different part of the conference.

In all cases, the schedule for the day will look like this, all local time and with slight variation based on local situation:
9:00 am           Arrival refreshments
10:00 am         Worship: Blessing Oils, Eucharist, Prayer for Healing, and 
Renewal of Ministry Commitments
11:30 am         Lunch, either at the church or a local restaurant. 
Group conversation with the bishop will follow lunch if lunch is at the church, 
and precede lunch if lunch is at a restaurant.
1:30 pm Wrap up no later than 1:30 pm
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Tue., March 14 - Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Evansville, IN
Wed., March 15 - Our Saviour Lutheran Church, West Lafayette, IN
Tue., April 4 - St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Richmond, IN
Thu., April 6 - *New Location* St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, South Bend, IN
Tue., April 11 (Holy Week) - Christ Church Cathedral (Episcopal), Lexington, KY
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