AIA Detroit Member + Nonmember Needs Survey
AIA Detroit is constantly looking for ways to improve the value of membership for Architects, Associates, and Affiliates in Metro Detroit. To do that, we need your feedback on how we're doing. Please take a moment to complete this brief, 5-question survey and let us know where you think the Chapter should be focusing! Please be as detailed and as honest as possible--this organization belongs to its members, so we need to know what you want from it!  
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AIAS Member (AIAS)
Associate Member (Assoc. AIA)
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Fellow of the AIA (FAIA)
Emeritus Member
Professional Affiliate Member
Sponsor or Partner Organization
Supporter or Architecture Enthusiast
NOMA-Detroit or NOMAS Member
How valuable do you find each of the following attributes of membership?

Feel free to elaborate on your responses in the comment box below.

 Don't Know 1 - Not at all valuable 5 - Very Valuable 
Membership Overall
Educational Events and Programs
Social Events and Programs
Committees and Interest Groups
Website Content
Social Media Content
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Rank the following items, in terms of their likelihood of improving your member experience.

Feel free to elaborate or add your own suggestions in the comment box below.

 1 - Not a Priority 5 - High Priority 
More Social Events and Programs (Happy Hours, Networking Events)
More Educational Events and Programs (HSW CEUs, Study Groups)
More Informational Content (Best Practices, Resources, Reviews)
New Interest Groups / Committees (Like What? Comment Below)
New Discounts / Incentives for Members (Like What? Comment Below)
Better Engagement with Allied Organizations (USGBC, NOMA, CAM, ...)
Better Engagement with the Community / General Public (Community Service, Civic Engagement, ...)
Better Legislative / Government Advocacy
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Rank the perceived value of the existing AIA Detroit Committees / Interest Groups.

Feel free to suggest new ones in the comment box below.
 Don't Know 1 - Not Valuable 2 - A Little Valuable 3 - Somewhat Valuable 4 - Highly Valuable 
Building Codes & Regulations Committee (BCRC)
Building Enclosure Council of Greater Detroit (BEC-GD)
Committee on the Environment (COTE)
Emerging Professionals Committee (EPC)
PechaKucha Night Detroit (PKN)
Technology in Architectural Practice / BIM User Group (TAP / DBUG)
Urban Priorities Committee (UPC)
Professional Affiliates Committee
Celebration of Architecture Event Committee
Building Tours Committee
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How do you prefer we communicate with you? 

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Website Updates / News  
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Anything we missed? General suggestions for the Chapter?

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