For our first survey of 2017 we hope you will take the time to provide your input on this important topic: Copyrights and Community Associations.

One of the greatest challenges facing community association professionals and board members is the variety of laws applicable to associations. Community associations are subject to myriad specialty laws, and unwary individuals can often land themselves in hot water. A particular blind-spot for many associations seems to be the intersection of intellectual property ("IP") laws and community associations

I recently spoke on this topic at CAI's National Law Seminar in Las Vegas. What I learned in my preparation for this presentation is that while the interplay of IP law and community associations may sound like an esoteric subject, it has the potential to present real challenges for many of the clients we represent.

Consider this: How many communities have hosted a dance or movie night in their clubhouse? How about a pool party with music? If you have engaged in any of these common activities, did you ever think this may be infringing upon copyright protections for which the association could be penalized hundreds or thousands of dollars? While copyright issues tend not to be a major concern for most clients, associations should be aware that unlicensed displays or performances of protected works (including music, movies, etc.) may be in violation of federal law.

In an effort to better understand awareness of this subject, and to evaluate the impact it may have on our clients, we ask that you complete this survey. As always, all identifying information will be kept confidential.

Thank you for participating!
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