Massachusetts Youth Soccer - Director of Soccer Development
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If your nominee already fulfills the responsibilities of the Director of Soccer Development role, please select their current title from the list below.
Director of Coaching
Technical Director
Director of Development
Director of Training
Director of Education
Director of Travel
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Please Select All Soccer Coaching Credentials of Nominated Director of Soccer Development 

US Soccer A License
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US Soccer D License
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US Soccer F License
US Youth Soccer National Youth Coaching Course
NSCAA Premier Diploma
NSCAA Advanced National Diploma
NSCAA National Diploma
NSCAA Special Topics Diploma - (e.g. Reading the Game, Small Sided Games)
NSCAA Goalkeeping Diploma
NSCAA - 4v4 Diploma
NSCAA - 7v7/9v9 Diploma
NSCAA - 11v11 Diploma
Foreign License's (e.g. English FA, KNVB, Irish FA, Brazilian Football Confederation) - Please list in Other
No Coaching Credentials at this time.
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Does your nominated Director of Soccer Development currently attend your organization Board Meetings?

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Occasionally - (less than 25% of meetings)
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