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Tell us how the New Haven Free Public Library makes a difference in your life! 
Please share your experience and tell us how the library has impacted you, your family and our community. Your stories help us advocate for public libraries and prove what an important asset the library is to the residents of New Haven.
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My library helped me... (check all that apply!)
Find a job
Instill a love of reading in a child
Start or grow my business
Find a book, movie or music to enjoy
Improve my computer skills
Improve my reading
Complete my coursework or homework
Participate in programs and services of nonprofit and civic organizations
Connect with social services important for my daily living needs
Obtain free passes to museums, theaters and entertainment in Connecticut
Connect to the Internet
Prepare my taxes
Draft a resume so I can apply for jobs
For the items checked above, please tell us more about how the library has made a positive impact in your life:

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In September 2016, we added one more day of service at each of the four branches. Tell us which branches you have visited on their new days of service.

Wilson Branch Library on Mondays
Mitchell Branch Library on Tuesdays
Fair Haven Branch Library on Wednesdays
Stetson Branch Library on Thursdays
Tell us what a difference a day makes. How have you used the library on the extra day?

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Please select the New Haven Free Public Library location(s) you use most often.

Ives Main Library | 133 Elm Street
Fair Haven Library | 182 Grand Avenue
Mitchell Library | 37 Harrison Street
Stetson Library | 200 Dixwell Avenue
Wilson Library | 303 Washington Avenue
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Thank you for helping us keep the New Haven Free Public Library system vibrant in our community!