North Shore Community Health Network Survey

What has been valuable about this Network to you in the past?

Training/learning opportunities
Networking within our region
Accessing grant resources
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How can we make this Network of greatest value to you?


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We'd like your input in planning our upcoming events and communications so that they can best meet your needs.
Please rate the importance of each of the following when deciding to attend an event.
 Insignificant Somewhat Important Important Very Important  
Time of Day  
Networking opportunities  
Ease of parking  
Availability of public transportation  
Length of event  
Continuing education credits  
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Which times/days would best fit your schedule?
Wednesday - 8:30 am
Thursday - 8:30 am
Wednesday - 9:00 am
Thursday - 9:00 am
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Please rate your interest in the following potential event topics.
 Uninterested Neutral Somewhat Interested Very Interested  
Substance Abuse on the North Shore  
Changing Demographics in our Region  
Social Determinants of Health  
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Please share any suggestions for topics or speakers at future events.

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How often would you like to receive our newsletter?  

Once a month
Six times a year (every 2 months)
Four times a year (every 3 months)
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Please let us know what type of information you would find most valuable in our newsletter.  For example:  Training events & opportunities; Recent research; News from around the North Shore; etc.


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