Breakaway's Group Fitness & Hockey Survey
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How interested are you in Group Fitness Classes?
Very interested
Somewhat interested
Not interested
Required 2.

What type of Group Fitness class would you be most interested in participating in?

H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training)
Boot Camp
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How important are the following features of this proposed service?

(1 = Least Important)
Type of classes offered
Morning Classes before 9am
Evening Classes after 5pm
Multiple Instructors to choose from
Variety of skill level offer for same class
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What would you expect to pay for this service if it had all of the above features per class?
Over $30
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How likely is it that you would purchase a Group Fitness class if it had all of the above features?
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely
Would you be more or less interested in purchasing a Group Fitness class if it had any of the following attributes?
 Much Less Interested Less Interested Neutral More Interested Much More Interested 
Unlimited Visits for Members
A punch card system that would allow me to visit when my schedule allowed
A discounted Drop-in price for Military and First Responders
A discounted rate for family members of a current BHF member
Large class selection so I can try a new class more often
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What additional attributes would you like incorporated into a Membership to this facility?

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How often would you expect to attend a group fitness class?
Once a week
2-3 Times a week
2-3 Times a month
About once a month
Would not use
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If our Group Fitness Classes were available today, when would you be most likely to purchase and attend your first class?
Within the next week
Within the next month
Between 1 and 3 months from now
Between 4 and 6 months from now
I'm not interested
Required 10.
What do you currently do for fitness or exercise?
Walk/ Jog in the park or neighborhood
I'm currently a member of a big box gym, (ie. Gold's, YMCA, Planet Fitness, Athletic Club)
I'm currently a member of a Boutique or CrossFit gym
I am a member of a competitive sports/ team (ie. softball, hockey, tennis, swimming)
I have a home gym
I do not currently have any gym memberships or exercise on a regular basis.
If you have participated in a group hockey class with us, what did you like the best about your experience?
 Didn't Like Indefferent It was okay It was awesome!  
The qualified and professional coaching.  
The skills and drills taught.  
The small class size.  
The amount of stick on puck time I received. (i.e. amount of shots or repetitions.)  
The class are offered at a time that is convenient to my schedule.  
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What is the one thing you would change or like to see improved about Breakaway?

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Please provide additional comments about your current service.

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