Camp BraveHeart Registration
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We are honored that you are interested in sending your child to Camp BraveHeart. We at 3Hopeful Hearts, Pathways Hospice and Community Grief Center would like to get to know your camper and we also understand that grief is individual. By sharing your loved one's story and your child's background we feel we can better help them make the best of their experience at Camp BraveHeart.
Please allow apx 20 minutes to complete this registration.
We do need a separate registration form for each camper, so we suggest if you have more than one child that you copy and paste into a word document and then it will make it easier for you if some of your answers are the same.
Please also feel free to email us at if you need any questions answered. We will touch base with you as well. Thank you.

This year our Camp is held over 2 days for certain ages. Saturday and Sunday July 22-23rd.
Please choose which of the following 3 options your child will participate in.
You may choose only one option. 

Ages 5-12- Saturday only from 9:00am - 4:00pm
Ages 12-18 Saturday 1:45pm - 8:30pm and Sunday 8-noon (day option only)
Ages 12-18 Saturday and Sunday (overnight option) 1:45pm (Sat) - noon (Sunday)
This first section is information for the parent or guardian of the camper.

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Your cell phone number.


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Emergency Contact Name and Cell Number.

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Your campers first and last name.  Please indicate your campers age with their birthdate after their name.

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Name to appear on your child's badge.


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Name of your child's school and grade this coming fall-2017. 


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Please list other family members  living with your camper including siblings.

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What are your child's hobbies and interests?


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Your child's physician and phone number.

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Allergies- (Please include reactions and any other pertinent information).


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Dietary Restrictions


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Please share with us the person(s) who has died ( name, date of death and age at time of death) and the relationship to your child.


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What was the cause of death?

Are there any circumstances we should be aware of?


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Did your child attend the service or funeral?


If yes, please explain your child's reaction/comments/memories about the service.


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Required 17.

Have your child received any professional support( i.e. school counselor, support group, psychologist or  pastoral support)?


If yes, please explain if this has been a positive experience for your child or not a positive experience and why.


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Required 19.

Have there been any other deaths in the family or with friends or acquaintances where your child has been affected? (Please explain)


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Have there been any other changes/stresses in your child's life( i.e. divorce, remarriage, new school, relocation, illness etc.)? If yes, please explain.


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Please explain how your child indicates that he/she is grieving (sadness, anger, isolating, acting out, wanting more attentions , regressing etc).


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Is there anything in closing that you think would be most helpful for us to know about your child at this time?


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We look forward to meeting and spending the day with your child at our 2017 Camp BraveHeart!

3Hopeful Hearts-
Pathways Hospice -tammy.brannen-smith@pathways-care.orgĀ 
Community Grief Center -eaglesnest33@comcast.netĀ