Knight of Illumination Awards 2017 Nomination Form
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Please find below the official nomination form for Knight of Illumination (KOI) 2017.

Here nominations can be made for lighting and video designs in KOI's Television and Concert Touring and Events categories.

Nominated designs must be performed or broadcast in the UK between 1st August 2016 and 31st of June 2017 for them to be eligible. 

As per previous years, the Theatre category is not open for public nomination. 

Please read through our Privacy Policy before submitting your form. 

Deadline for 2017 KOI submissions is the 31st of June 2017.
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In no more than 500 words please tell us why you think this design should win a KOI award. 
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* Creative brief & design process
* Creative or logistical challenges.  
* Interesting & unusual use of technology

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CONCERT TOURING AND EVENTS ONLY: Please provide upcoming show dates in the North and South East of England that a KOI judge could attend  


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