2017 Request for Assistance
THE SULLIVAN RENAISSANCE VOLUNTEER CORPS - is a group of trained and enthusiastic individuals from all areas of the county who sign up to help with projects. Volunteers can assist in a variety of ways: gardening / beautification, event planning, fundraising, graphic design, recordkeeping, multicultural outreach and other efforts to build organizational capacity.
Availability: Typically weekends and evenings.

THE SULLIVAN RENAISSANCE GARDENING CREW - includes a Horticulture Coordinator and Horticulture Assistant, Sullivan Renaissance employees that help groups with horticulture-related tasks. They work alongside your volunteers and Project Assistants and can assist with garden design, installation and renovation. They can instruct and assist with hands on teaching of best management practices for typical garden needs: edging, mulching, dividing perennials and planting/transplanting shrubs and trees.
Availability: Weekdays between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. The crew is generally not available to assist with routine daily maintenance tasks such as watering, weeding and deadheading.
Sullivan Renaissance can help you organize and publicize an educational event at your project site. Events are led by volunteers, consultants and / or Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteers. This is a great way to raise awareness of your efforts, recruit new volunteers and participate in a new activity or needed maintenance task in a public space. Ideas include a tour of volunteer-maintained gardens or a tai chi or yoga class.

If you are interested in having our Horticulture Crew lead a gardening training for your Project Assistant and volunteers, please contact our office.