Downtown Phase II Feedback

The Downtown Phase II Development is a commitment to sustaining a vibrant downtown for the future. Just as the First and Main (Phase I) was a success in establishing a vibrant retail district, the Phase II project will establish a true mixed-use downtown. The development was first proposed in the 1995 Comprehensive Plan and further defined by the community in the recently adopted 2016 Comprehensive Plan. The plan envisions expanded high-quality office space and varied housing options to accommodate empty nester and young professionals.  


The City of Hudson and Testa Companies, the selected developer, are now partnering to implement the community-driven plan. At the April 13, 2017 Community Open House, Testa Companies introduced a preliminary framework plan for the development. As the framework plan evolves into a more detailed concept plan in the coming weeks with proposed building areas and housing units, the City will initiate in-depth traffic, parking, and stormwater management studies to address the needs of the project area and the larger downtown.


 Below is an image of the framework plan depicting the proposed street layout and use areas.  Additionally, please view the open house presentation for a detailed introduction from Testa Companies: Downtown Phase II Open House. We welcome your comments about this initial concept plan.

The framework plan proposes additional public open space including a widened plaza on Owen Brown Street and a regional multi-purpose trail connection through downtown.  Do you have comments on the amount of open space, the locations proposed, or amenities that should be incorporated within open space areas?

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The framework plan proposes a roadway network emphasizing Morse Road and Village Way as primary travel routes, with a center boulevard along Owen Brown Street to discourage through traffic on Owen Brown. Do you have comments on the proposed preliminary roadway network?

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The Downtown Phase II project plans to accommodate its parking needs within the project footprint. As the framework plan develops into a concept plan, parking space needs and consideration of structure parking will be studied. Do you have comments on the parking plans?

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The framework plan envisions a mix of multi-story buildings containing office uses, varied housing types including rental and owner-occupied units.  Limited retail/services may also be incorporated to support the new residents and office workers. Do you have any comment on the proposed uses?


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Please provide any additional comments or questions here.


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