KMC University Career Skills Survey
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KMC University is always looking for new team members who have a broad range of skills in a variety of areas. We need people with modest amounts of experience up to those who are beyond proficient. For the following questions please use the descriptors below to reply:

For the following questions please use the descriptors below to reply:
Familiarity = a modest amount of experience
Proficient = a sufficient level of expertise
Mastery = beyond proficient
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Please provide your assessment of your proficiency in the following areas, so we may match you to the best opening:

 Familiar Proficient Master N/A or None  
Understanding of health insurance practices and procedures as they relate to the chiropractic industry  
All aspects of Medicare including billing requirements, preferably in chiropractic care  
Understanding the process of maintaining medical records and financial office records  
Understanding of CPT and ICD Coding, including how to submit them on insurance forms  
Understanding of how to complete paperwork for managed care insurance companies, including filing pre-authorization paperwork  
Understanding of how personal injury insurance, fees, and state regulations work  
Understanding and ability to instruct on how to submit accurate and timely insurance forms; and how to pursue unpaid claims  
Knowledge and ability to counsel medical professionals on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and various compliance issues such as the required Office of Inspector General (OIG) Compliance Program for Small Practices  
Understanding and ability to instruct on how to verify patient insurance plans and interpret coverage as it relates to a patient treatment plan  
Knowledge of chiropractic documentation requirements and their mandatory elements  
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What is your availability to work, please check all that apply:

Project work only
Up to 10 hours per week
10 to 20 hours per week
20 - 30 hours per week
All of the above