Margaret Acheson Stuart Society Survey
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Hello Stuart Society Hosts and Hostesses! This submission form is for use for Affaires d'Art hosting submission. Please fill it out in its entirety. All information is required to submit your event for approval. Deadline for print submission is June 15. The Affaire's Chair will contact you confirming your event after it is approved. Events submitted after the print deadline may be available for purchase on the website but not in the printed book. Events can be added later in the year subject to Chair approval. 
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Date and Time of Event (Can use TBD briefly but please promptly inform Chair of actual date.)


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Description of Event

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Max Guests (excluding hosts)


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Primary hostess phone contact, if cellphone guests can text information


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Any other information you would like to provide Affaires Chair?


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Please email or submit any graphics you would like to have attached to your event to the director at All graphics are subject to approval by Affaires Chair and Digital Director. Graphics 300x 300 jpegs only