Illinois SBDC at UIC Economic Impact Survey
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In order to keep providing you with small business advising services and educational programs at no or low cost, the Illinois SBDC at UIC needs updated information regarding the status of your business.

Our grant funding depends on your participation in this very short survey especially during this time of resource constraints in the State of Illinois. Even if you have previously completed a survey in the past, we appreciate your response again.

As always, the information you provide is strictly confidential.
Please take a minute to participate and provide updated information about your business.

     If you have any questions please call us at 312.996.4057 or email

May 2017
Please provide your contact information below (Mandatory as proof for funder).

First Name:
Last Name:
Company Name:
Work Phone:
Email Address:
Address 1:
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Please check the statement that best describes the CURRENT STATUS of your business endeavor (check all that apply):

Started a new business
Purchased a business or franchise
Joined an established business (part owner)
Still trying to start a business
Decided not to start a business
I am continuing to operate my business
I have relocated my business
I have sold or closed my business
I have expanded my business (please explain in question #8)
What is the legal structure of your business? (Leave blank if not operating a business.)
Sole Proprietorship
Sub S Corporation
Limited Liability Company
Non Profit Organization
Indicate the amount of PERSONAL funds you have invested in your business since January 1, 2015, if any:

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List any outside financing (bank, investors, others) secured for your business since January 1, 2015.

Please include the date, type of financing (e.g. Line of Credit, SBA loan, Home Equity loan, etc.), name of source, and dollar amount of each financing.

For example: Jan. 15, 2015, Line of Credit, ABC Bank, $10,000


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Have you added a new product or service to your business? Please describe new product or service if added.

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How many new employees has your business hired since January 1, 2015? (include full and part-time, including the owners):
If you have more than 4 or we have additional questions, we may follow up with you.
4 or more - Please follow up with Steve Bob (