Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Award Nominations
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Business Person(s) of the Year Award Nomination Form  The Award for Business Person of the Year is given to an individual or to business partners who have demonstrated support for the advancement and leadership development of business and professionals in Eastern Kentucky.  The recipient not only has the industry of the region at heart but also the further development of its people.

Nomination form must be completed by June 16, 2017 at 2pm for the nomination to be considered. 

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Assists People in Reaching Their Full Leadership Potential:
Provide specific examples of how the nominee has demonstrated support for the advancement and leadership development of business and professional peers.



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Business Accomplishments:
List special recognition, projects, and achievements. Include business-related affiliations, directorships, trusteeships, or other designations.


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Community Service:
Describe local, county, and state level participation, length of service and offices held in civic and service organizations, charitable activities, political pursuits, religious groups, chambers of commerce, merchant’s association, etc.



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Other Memberships, Achievements, Awards, and Publication:
Nominees may already have been honored for service in their profession, industry, or community. They also may have publications to their credit or articles published supporting their service to their profession, industry, or community. Please list awards and honors received which support this nomination.


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Additional Information Pertaining to Criteria:
Discuss briefly any additional factors you feel are important for consideration of your nominee for the BUSINESS PERSON OF THE YEAR AWARD


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