Welcome to the Towson High School New in '22 Survey Petition!

THS New in '22 is working with families in our community to advocate for Planning funding to be earmarked in the FY2019 Baltimore County Public School (BCPS) Capital Budget to plan for a new Towson High School. The 68 year old Towson High School building is overcrowded and building safety concerns have been highlighted in BCPS's Facilities Assessment report. 

It will take you only 5 minutes to fill out this important survey petition, so that we can best address the needs of families whose children currently attend THS, or who will attend THS in the future.

Please contact Gretchen Maneval at 347-678-9912 or g_maneval@hotmail.com with any questions about this survey petition, and visit www.thsnewin22.org for more information about THS New in '22 advocacy efforts.

Thank you for your time!

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