Arts Expo Survey
Hi there! It's been four months since Region 2 Arts Council put on our first ever Arts Expo! We plan on repeating the event every other year, so watch for opportunities to be involved in 2019. Please answer these questions as honestly as you can, so that we can serve you better in the future. Thanks!
Why did you attend the Arts Expo? Select all that apply.
For networking
Interest in art
To support Region 2 Arts Council
I know the organizers or participants
To support a local art organization
To seek opportunities for funding
What is your level of satisfaction with the Arts Expo?
Very satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Somewhat dissatisfied
Very dissatisfied
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Please indicate the importance of the following.
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Price of admission (free)
Location: Rail River Folk School, Bemidji
Anishinaabe Arts Initiative Exhibit
Ease of parking
Length of event (6 hrs)
Profile of other attendees
Food choices
Presenters in seminars
Arts resources at tables
Artist demonstrators
How likely are you to attend Region 2's Arts Expo again?
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely
How likely are you to recommend the Arts Expo to a friend or colleague?
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely
How did the Arts Expo impact you (your life, your art, or your vision of community)?

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How can we improve the Region 2 Arts Expo?

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