2017 Board Elections
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AIA Seattle is a member-led organization that depends on volunteer leadership and initiative.  We are deeply grateful for the enormous energy and effort our board members and other volunteer leaders devote to our organization. Your participation in the election process is an important step in the development of new member leaders. 
AIA Seattle's Board Nominating Committee is pleased to present this slate of accomplished members to fill open seats on our Board of Directors beginning September 1, 2017.  Our nominating committee - Mary Johnston FAIA (Past President), Christine Scharrer AIA, Charlie Hafenbrack, Malika Kirkling Assoc AIA, Jon Gentry AIA, Shannon Nichol and Robert Smith AIA -- solicited board nominations from the membership in January, and believes this slate of nominees possess the skills and commitment to move AIA Seattle forward.
How to Vote
Voting opens on May 22 and closes on June 15, 2017.  All AIA and Associate AIA members are eligible to vote.  You can vote yes or no for each nominee, and write-in votes are allowed.  Voting by at least 10% of the membership is required to validate an election.  A total of 7 positions will be elected.

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Alissa Rupp FAIA, President-Elect    
Dan Miles AIA, Treasurer, 3 years (renewing)    
Marisa Hagney Assoc. AIA, Director, 3 years (renewing)    
Tom Marseilles, Affiliate Director, 3 years (renewing)    
Brendan Connolly AIA, Director, 3 years    
Tom Owens, Affiliate Director, 3 years    
Lane Williams AIA, Director, 3 years    
Write-in Candidate, Director, 3 years **add in name in the "Comment" box below    
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