Story Exchange Survey
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B Stigma-Free is exploring the development of a storytelling exchange program. Please let us know if this is something that you'd be interested in by taking this quick, 4-question survey.

Our goal is to build relatedness by breaking down barriers so folks can better understand differences - all kinds of differences! This is key to building an inclusive and respectful society for all people. When we learn about others' experiences we build empathy and compassion - it is hard to dismiss or marginalize someone once you know their story. We would connect people with different backgrounds and facilitate conversations to help them get to know each other, building bridges, breaking down stereotypes and creating understanding. 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts to help us determine the best way to proceed. 
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How interested are you in participating in a story exchange program similar to the one described?
Very interested
Somewhat interested
Somewhat uninterested
Very uninterested
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Which of the following factors would improve the likelihood of your participation? Select all that apply.
Matched with person who has a different identity (e.g. race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, etc.) than me
Matched with a person from a different part of the country
Matched with a person from a different type of community (e.g. city vs. suburb vs. rural)
Matched with a person from a different political party
I would prefer to be matched with someone who shares my identity or supports the same advocacy group and we can talk about other differences
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How likely would you be to participate using these methods of communication?
 Very likely Somewhat likely Undecided Somewhat unlikely Very unlikely 
Snail mail
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Are there any features that you would like included so we can align it with your (or your organization's) interests? 

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Optional: If you would like to stay connected with B Stigma-Free, please tell us how to reach you. B Stigma-Free respects your privacy and confidentiality. We do not sell, trade or otherwise transfer to others your personally identifiable information. 

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