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If our school is authorized, Bridge Prep will be the first and only public charter school in New York State designed with the mission of educating students with dyslexia and language-based learning difficulties.  Bridge Prep will use Orton-Gillingham, a multisensory instructional approach intended to help students who have difficulty with reading, spelling and writing.  This method teaches the connection between sounds and letters to teach reading.

Bridge Prep's mission is to provide our students with the skills and confidence needed to achieve their full potential via the use of alternative, but research-based, proven teaching methods.  We can think of no more compelling reason to develop a charter school than to directly respond to this specific community need.

Community input is vital to our development as a school.  What are your thoughts on a public school like this opening on Staten Island?  Please fill out this 4 question survey and let us know!
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I am (check all that apply)

Parent of a child diagnosed with dyslexia
Student diagnosed with dyslexia
Adult with dyslexia
Local community member
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Do you have, or know of, a child who struggles with reading, writing, spelling, phonics, decoding, etc.?

ONLY answer this question if you are a parent of a child with dyslexia or other reading difficulties. If you are not, please skip to question 4.

Would you submit an application for your child to attend Bridge Prep?

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Do you think Bridge Prep would be valuable for children with dyslexia and other language-based learning disabilities in the Staten Island community?

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