Only in Seattle Peer Network Feedback
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The Only in Seattle Peer Network is an opportunity for peers working in business district revitalization to connect, learn more about innovative programs and initiatives, and solve problems related to community economic development in Seattle. The intent of hosting Peer Networks is to improve communication between district leaders across Seattle, share creative solutions, and facilitate new opportunities for Seattle's businesses and business districts. Learn more about past Peer Networks on the Bottom Line blog.

This survey is 10 questions and is intended to take 5-10 minutes. 
Required 1.
Are you aware of past Only in Seattle Peer Networks?
Required 2.
Why are you interested in Peer Networks? Select all that apply.
Connecting with other businesses or business district representatives
Learning from other business districts
Connecting to resources at the City or around Seattle
Sharing issues or solutions with fellow business district representatives
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Based on past feedback and current initiatives, a tentative Peer Network schedule is shown below. Please review the schedule and respond to the questions.

Required 3.
How useful is it for you or your staff to attend any of the events listed above? Please list any additional feedback about the proposed schedule in the comment box below.
 Not useful at all Somewhat useful Extremely useful   
Data resources for businesses and business districts   
Report out on Main Street learning from Seattle visit   
Peer lunch and learn (open agenda)   
Deep Dive into community capacity and coalition building   
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Required 4.
Please select the best times for you to attend a Peer Network. Select all that apply.

Please provide additional comments below. 
Weekday Morning
Weekday afternoon (lunch hour)
Weekday evening
Weekend morning
Weekend afternoon
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Required 5.

Please rank your interest in the following peer network topics:

(1 = Highest Interest)
Elements of good facilitation
Nonprofit organization basics
Summary of OED's business resources
Peer Lunch and Share (open agenda)
Case study: Neighborhood Marketing and Promotion Strategies (e.g. Georgetown Bites, Plate of Nations, Ethnic Business Coalition, etc.)
Deep Dive into Commercial Affordability
BIA Q&A with consultants and BIA representatives
Case Study: Cultural placemaking examples with ARTS and business district representatives
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Required 6.
Please rank the following attributes in order of importance as you consider what are the factors that help you decide to attend Peer Networks? 

(1 = Highest Importance)
Food provided, food available, or the ability to bring a lunch
Relevancy to a current project I'm working on
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Required 7.
Please tell us your topics of interest to discuss at a future Peer Network.

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Do you have any additional feedback? 

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Required 9.
Please tell us more about your organization affiliation. Select all that apply. I am a...
Paid staff for a Chamber, Merchants or Business Association
Board member for a Chamber, Merchants or Business Association
Paid Staff for a BIA
Board member for a BIA
Business owner, manager or employee
I am a volunteer for a BIA, Chamber, Merchants or Business Association
I am not affiliated with a business district organization
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Required 10.
Please tell us about yourself.
I am white
I am a person of color