"Sock It To Us" 2016 Bike Month Survey
Survey ends at noon June 16.  Please submit before the deadline to be eligible for the drawing for MIBM socks.  Results and sock winners will be published in the Commute Connection newsletter on June 19, or found on the TMA's website: www.50corridor.com

General Bike Month Participation
This was my first year to participate in May Is Bike Month.
This is my second year to participate in May Is Bike Month
I have participated in May Is Bike Month in the past but not recently
I participate in May Is Bike Month almost every year
I participate in Bike Month every year
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Check each statement that is true
May is Bike Month challenges me to ride my bike more
Bike Month prompted my first bike commute
I've used Bike Month to challenge friends, family members and co-workers to cycle more
Bike Month activities, events and bike rides encourage me to ride more
I'm a regular cyclist so Bike Month doesn't really change my cycling routine
I anticipate riding my bike for recreation or errands during the upcoming summer
I plan to become a more regular bike commuter this summer
I don't feel safe riding my bicycle
I feel as if I live in a bicycle friendly community
I feel as if I work in a bicycle friendly community
I would like to know more about safe cycling practices and laaws
I feel like automobile drivers need to be educated more on "sharing the road"
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May Is Bike Month Events and Activities:  what were your favorite 3 
Bike clinics (held at work sites and Cap Village)
Thrive Rides (six rides held May 1 - 5)
Energizer Stations
Great Scott! Bike and Walk Event
Mayors' Bike Ride to the Capitol
Events planned by my worksite
Iron Point Corridor Thrive Ride (May 17)
Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues Bike Ride
Weekly 50 Corridor Bike Month Newsletter
Pedal Stop Rides (held in April)
T-shirt give-aways at Pedal Stop and Cap Village Pop Up
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What were your least favorite parts of May Is Bike Month?

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What did you think about this year's bike month marketing tools?
Bike Month Socks
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Bike Month t-shirts
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Bike Month Web site
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What would you like for us to do differently in 2018?

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General comments, suggestions, criticisms .... whatever else is on your mind!

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Yes, Enter me into the drawing for 2017 MIBM socks and, if I win, send my socks to the following address:

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