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Please number each of the following statements on a scale of 1 through 5,
1 being not a problem for us, no impact; 5 being serious problem, big impact 


Skills - Part A

I or my sales people are: 

Not getting in front of enough new prospects
Not closing enough new business
Closing business, but the margins are getting thinner
Not prospecting for new opportunities
Wasting time with people who end up not doing business with us
Winging it which is causing roller coaster results
Not getting enough good high quality referrals
Closing business, but it is not profitable enough for all the work it takes
Not capturing our share of the business with some existing clients

Skills - Part B 


I or my sales people are:

Not closing business fast enough, and it's taking longer than it used to
Facing a lot more competition than we used to and we are no longer winning our share
Being used for our information (free consulting)

Staff - Part A

I, or my company: 

Keep hiring salespeople who don't work out
Are not sure that we have the "right people in the right seats on the bus"
Are struggling to really motivate our sales force
Feel daunted by the thought of hiring a sales team that really can perform
Have never managed a sales force before and am winging it, to mixed results
Need to develop my management team to create more consistency and take this business to the next level.
We understand hiring B+/A players for all positions in my company is important, but our hiring process is not consistently generating these results.

Staff - Part b

I, or my company: 

Sense that at least some of our producers are frustrated by their lack of performance, but don't know how to effectively coach them out of the problem
Would like to try to hire people outside of the industry, but can't afford a costly and time consuming mistake
Would like to hire someone inside of our industry, but don't want to hire someone else's loser
Would be in real trouble if our #1 salesperson left
Would be in real trouble if owner stopped selling


I, or my company: 

Don't have a way to effectively hold salespeople accountable
Don't know if our compensation plan is helping or hurting our efforts to grow
Our sales team does not have a consistent selling system.
We don't have a documented "best practices" sales process to qualify opportunities efficiently.

Strategy - Part A

I, or my company: 

Don't really have a clearly defined "ideal client"
Have a clearly defined "ideal client", but aren't sure we are doing the right things to get in front of enough of them or close them at the right margin
Need to separate ourselves from the pack of our competitors, but don't know how, or we think we have done that, but the prospects don't seem to notice or care
Deliver superior service/product to our customers, but aren't getting superior price or margins
Have way too high percentage of our revenues coming from too few accounts.
Are getting the "low hanging fruit", but can't seem to crack the tougher ones that would be "ideal"

Strategy - Part B

I, or my company: 

Would be in real trouble if our #1 client left
Have no clear plan to replace lost business
Realize that our clients/customers are not buying all of their stuff from us, and can't figure out how to expand our existing relationships
Understand that in order to grow, we must take business away from our competitors, but struggle with how to do that and still keep our margins
Sales team does not have a system for expanding business with current clients
We are a profitable company, but it is frustrating that sales revenues go up and down from year to year instead of a steady and gradual increase.
Don't have a Sales Growth Strategy developed, documented and understood by the sales team to execute.
Not sure how to develop an effective Sales Growth Strategy that the sales team will embrace.
After seeing the last 3 years sales results, we need to do something different to have a much better next 3 years sales results.
I want to sell/transition this business in the next 5+ years. Based on the last 3 years net profit, I won't be able to sell the business for what I want.

Please use the space below to fill in the blank:

These problems have probably cost me or my company ________________ lost revenues or opportunities in the past 12 months.


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