TBH Certificate In Brain Wellness Course Survey
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Please take a moment to share with us your feedback of the TBH Certificate in Brain Wellness Course. Your answers are so valuable in helping us to continually advance our continuing education courses for professionals.  

Total Brain Health and Dr. Green aim to deliver practical, informative, high-quality brain health and memory educational courses intended to help you professionally. We'd love to know how we're doing.

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Which TBH Certificate course did you participate in?

TBH Certificate in Brain Wellness
TBH Certificate in Memory Improvement

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For students of TBH BRAIN WORKOUT or TBH MEMORY courses, how many classes did you attend?  

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I feel that this TBH Program...
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Increased my knowledge about brain health.
Gave me a chance to try several new, brain healthy activities.
Was well organized.
Met my objectives for attending.
Used an interesting and engaging format.
Created new chances to socialize.

As a result of participating in this course or program, I would be more likely to...

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Make brain healthy choices part of my routine.
Participate in another more challenging TBH program, if offered.
Recommend this program to a friend.

For participants of TBH BRAIN WORKOUT or TBH MEMORY courses, what did you hope to learn from this course?:


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