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You have three choices for classes to take next fall:
1) World War 1 / The Justice Project: (Scott, Ashley and Mike)

It was supposed to be the war to end all wars.  Instead, it brought down empires, spurred a revolution, and caused over 17 million deaths. And World War I is just where the A3 2s year long look at Justice begins.  It's all still in the explore stage, but we're hoping to look at Justice through a historical, scientific (ethics), and political lens throughout the year.  We'll revisit the trenches, ask and research deep moral scientific questions, and perhaps take a stand at a federal or state courthouse.

2) An Exploration into Community Leadership. (Gwen, Erica and Ed)
Want to make a difference?  This class seeks to engage students with the very real needs that exist within our community so that we might find a way to help.  Through a community service focus, students will explore the complex mix of politics, economics, engineering and community partnerships to discover solutions for some of the issues that affect our community.  Ultimately this class of Humanitarian Entrepreneurs will take these discoveries and create real products or services that benefit specific populations in need.  

3) The Chemistry of Art: (Rebecca and Josh)

Join us as we delve into the complex chemistries of various artforms, and discover the crucial role of art in government and politics. In this course, we will study the chemical properties of dyes, oil, acrylic, and other mediums, the chemistry behind stained glass, photography, and much more. Additionally, we will learn about the use of art throughout history in shaping our political environment (including propoganda, counter-culture artwork, and government funded art projects). Our goal is both to understand the science integrated within artistic mediums, and to create artwork that has the purpose of servicing our community. ?
Please rank your preference for the three humaniqueries classes for the fall 2017. 

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WWI / The Justice Project
An Exploration of Community Leadership
The Chemistry of Art