FHF SWLA Special Education Family Support Program Survey
Families Helping Families of SWLA is seeking input from parents/guardians of students in grades K-12 here in SWLA.  We appreciate input from teacher and other educators as always! 

The information you provide will assist FHF SWLA in improving our educational support program as we move forward. Your input is invaluable, and so appreciated! 


Please share with others that might be interested in helping as well.

What could our organization do in order for you to feel more involved and educated on your child's Special Education programming decisions?

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What types of workshops related to Special Education would you attend in your region?

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What do you feel is the best way for us to reach other parents of children with IEP's who could benefit from our educational support and trainings?


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What is the biggest barrier you have in attending FHF SWLA workshops or being able to receive our educational supports?

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Please provide other suggestions on how we could reach more parents that could benefit from our support, or how could we better support the parents we are in contact with now?

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