End of Season Trustees Survey
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Required 1.
How long have you been a trustee?
Less than a year - 1 year
2 - 4 years
5 or more years
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Required 2.
How many community education programs did you attend this past year?
(Dark Side of the Full Moon film screening, Social Change 101, JWF Local Grantee Partner Panel, Families First site visit)
One program
Two programs
3 or more programs
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Required 3.
Did you serve on any committees this past year? (please select all that apply)
Advocacy & Education
Task Force
I did not serve on any committees last year
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Philanthropic Practices
Required 4.
What other kinds of organizations do you support philanthropically?
Local Jewish organizations
Organizations in Israel
Arts organizations
Health/Medical organizations
College/University alma mater
organizations primarily impacting women and girls
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Required 5.
What motivates you to give?
Personal connection/experience
Religious obligation
Investment in local community
Civic responsibility
Required 6.

Please rate the accuracy of the below statements based on JWF's direct impact on the following:

When submitting additional comments , please provide specific examples.

 Completely Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Completely Agree 
I now consider gender/I consider gender more when making decisions about where to donate my money.
I now critically consider how an organization is addressing women's and girls' issues before I donate money to them
I have made changes in who and/or how much money I donate to organizations based on my new attitudes about giving with a gender lens.
I have taken more actions to advocate for women and girls this year.
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Required 7.
Please choose from the following list the top five (5) priority issues you think JWF should focus on in our grant making and advocacy work.
Reproductive Rights
Mental Health
Violence against women
Women and politics (non partisan)
LGBTQ issues
Economic Security (poverty)
Employment issues/advocacy
Women and incarceration
Gun Control
Sex Trafficking
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Required 8.
How likely is it that you would encourage a friend or family member to get involved with JWF?
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely
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Required 9.

What is your preferred method of receiving JWF updates?

Phone calls
Postal mail
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Please leave us any additional comments or feedback. Thank you!


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