URGENT - Please take this survey about a potential new building in The Commons!  The Steamboat Minnehaha is looking for new accommodations within the City of Excelsior and The Commons has been identified as one of the potential locations.

Early feedback from a recent survey by the City of Excelsior shows public opposition to such a structure in The Commons. In order to provide the City with more feedback we are asking you to complete this survey. The results will also inform our position on this issue.

Thank you for getting involved in the future of your park!

note: To get a feel for the size and mass needed for this new building, please visit the current winter home for the steamboat Minnehaha.  It is located just off the LRT trail at the intersection of George Street and Beehrle Avenue (right across the street from the Public Works building). (The property that also stores firewood and many old army vehicles.)
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