2017 Board of Directors Election Online Ballot
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Who is eligible to vote?
Any individual who has a paid $100 membership in his or her own name, as shown on the records of the Concord Food Co-op, Inc. up to the close of business on September 1, 2017, may vote in the 2017 Election for the Board of Directors.  If your spouse/partner owns the shares, your spouse/partner may vote, but you may not, even if you have a scan tag that you show at the store register when you make a purchase. If you want to know whether or not you are an eligible voting member, call Finance Manager Pete Deleault at 603-227-9696.

How the online voting process works.

When we receive notification that you have voted online, your ballot will be printed and securely sealed inside an envelope, with your voter identification written on the outside. Envelopes with voter identification information will remain sealed until the close of the voting period (2:00 pm Saturday, September 16, 2017). Member names and numbers will be used only to verify the validity of each vote received and to eliminate duplicate ballots. At the close of the voting period, Board-appointed ballot counters working in pairs will separate each folded ballot from its envelope and put it into a collection of folded ballots until all successfully validated envelopes have been emptied. Only after the complete separation of ballots from their identifying envelopes will ballot counters open and count the ballots.

To vote online, please complete the below information. For your member number, see the back of your member card or key tags (the series of five digits beginning with a zero) for your member number or call the Concord store at 603-225-6840 for assistance. A ballot without this verifying information will be considered invalid and will not be counted. Duplicates and ballots from members who are not eligible to vote will not be counted.
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Please enter the information indicated below. Only active members may vote in the Board of Directors election.

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Five Directors are to be elected in 2017; the three candidates with the most votes will be elected to three year terms, while the two candidates with the fourth & fifth highest votes total will be elected to a one-year term. (See the Annual Meeting/Ballot Brochure for descriptions of each candidate.)
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Select UP TO FIVE of the candidates below. 

Cathy Menard
Finis Williams
Tracie Sponenberg
Derek Owen
Peter Engel