Continuing our Lumby survey series to get to know you better!
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Required 1.
Please rate how much you like the various characters/elements of the Lumby series.
 Not Especially Indifferent Like Really Like Absolutely Love 
Hank (he insisted on being first)
Pam and Mark's relationship
What's happening at Montis Inn
What's happening down town
The Lumby Lines articles and the Beezer family
The monks of Saint Cross Abbey
Chuck Bryson
Brooke and Joshua
The various animals in Lumby
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Required 2.
How would you rate the six Lumby books so far?
 Least Favorite Enjoyed Most Favorite Didn't Read It  
The Lumby Lines  
Stealing Lumby  
Lumby's Bounty  
The Promise of Lumby  
Lumby on the Air  
Lost in Lumby  
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Required 3.
What do you wish the Lumby series had more of? (Choose those that are most important to you and, if we've missed something, add in the comment section.)
Town details and quirkiness
Current events/trends
Pets and animals
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Required 4.

Would you be interested in joining a group of other Lumby fans to collaboratively write a book or play? No details yet, but some authors are doing just that with their readers, so I'm curious.

Yes, Absolutely!
Maybe, could be fun
Totally undecided - need more details
No time - no interest, but thanks anyway
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Required 5.

What's your overall satisfaction of our newsletter?

Dissatisfied Like It Love It Don't Read It        
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Required 6.

Thinking about our newsletter and blog, what would you like to see more/less of?  

 Less About the Same More   
News from Lumby - Lumby Lines excerpts   
Updates about next book(s)   
Lumby Living (recipes, home tips)   
Freebie information and links   
Informative links (like great TED talks)   
More notes about Gail's personal life - day to day stuff   
Updates about Art and Lazygoose   
Gail's thoughts on writing and how anyone can do it   
Art's thoughts on painting and how anyone can do it   
Hank's thoughts on livin' the dream and how everyone should do it   
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Required 7.
How could we improve your overall Lumby experience, and do you have any suggestions as to how we could improve your experience with our website, blog, newsletter, FB page, Twitter feeds?



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Required 8.

What is your favorite movie of all time?


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Required 9.
Which shoe do you put on first?

Other :)
And finally, do you have any questions or are there any topics you would like to ask Gail (or Hank or Art) about?

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