2017 NAASS Creative & Innovative Awards Apply Now!
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Each year NAASS recognizes member schools that offer creative and innovative programs. Through these awards, NAASS seeks to highlight the importance of curriculum development, give credit to summer session administrators who make outstanding contributions to the operation/management of summer session, and provide a forum for members to learn from each other.  

What are the categories?   
Innovation and creativity in planning overall  marketing campaigns as well as individual  promotions to brand summer session

Courses for which students earn college-level  credit hours that apply toward a degree

All other courses categorized as non-credit, even though "credit" may be earned toward teacher CEUs, a high school diploma, etc.

Innovative strategies and ideas in planning,   financing, marketing, reporting, administrative structure, public relations, student
How are they judged?

Each program is judged on the following criteria: creativity, uniqueness, benefit to students, and   adaptability to other institutions. 

Only one submission per program.

You may submit more than one program in a single category; however, you may not submit the same program for consideration in more than one category. 
Contingent on the number of submissions, two awards may be granted in each category each year based   on the size of the institution. 
Each category will be judged in two groups based on academic year institution enrollment (below 10,000 or 10,000 and above).
How to Apply
Please complete the online application and submit any supplemental materials.  Deadline for the application is September 22.
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Part 1 Basic Info and Narrative:


Step 1: Submitter & Program Info
For which type of program are you submitting?

Marketing: Overall Marketing Plan
Marketing: Single Marketing Idea
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Academic Year Enrollment:

10,000 and Greater
Less than 10,000
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Source of Funding

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Program Narrative - Tell us why the program was developed, how long the program was in operation, who was the intended target audience, and the program goals.

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Program Creativity - Tell us what makes your program original or innovative.

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Program Adaptability - How would you see your program translate or be adapted by another institution?

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