ConsortiumEAST 2017 | Event Survey
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What was the BEST part of your ConsortiumEAST experience?

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What was LEAST VALUABLE? What should we eliminate?


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Share your opinion about the different sessions/benefits of DAY ONE (Wednesday) sessions...


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Fireside Chat: Doing Away with Group Think: Strategies to Improve D & I Practices and Reap Big Benefits / Host: Dick Ingram, Teacher's Retirement System of the State of Illinois  
Mighty Moves: Bold Changes in the Alternative Investment Arena / Moderator: Zoltan Kerekes, PIPV Capital  
Evolved EM Models: New Frameworks for Investing with Next Generation and Diverse Managers / Moderator: James Mitchell, Jr., Rock Creek  
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Share your opinion about the GP-only intensive sessions...


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The Naked Truth: The importance of Clear & Transparent LP and Consultant Feedback / Moderator: David Dickson, Cortland Partners  
Bootcamp Coaching Sessions  
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What additional coaching topics and coaches/experts should we consider for 2018? What curriculum/educational topics would benefit the managers you invest in on behalf of your clients?  


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Share your opinion about the different sessions/benefits for DAY TWO (Thursday) session...


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Leading Women LPs Discuss Market Trends, Portfolio Strategies + Opportunities Ahead / Moderator: Patricia Miller Zollar, Neuberger Berman  
Real Talk | Where LPs are Investing Now + 12-months Out / Moderator: Laureen Costa, JPMorgan Asset Management  
Real Talk | Wake Up Call: Dynamic Strategies for Building LP/GP Partnerships for the Future / Moderator: Victor Hymes, Legato Capital Management  
VIP Connect  
LP Led Active Learning Sessions  
Asset Class Workshops - Let's Talk Strategy and Opportunity (indicate workshop attended below)  
Overall content/discussions  
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Asset Class Workshop attended:  

Private Equity/Venture Capital
Real Estate/Real Assets
Hedge Fund/Opportunistic
Global Equity/Fixed Income

Any NEW elements or session formats we should add? Any topics/speakers on your radar that should be on ours?


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Why did you attend? Rank your goals:

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Engage with my existing institutional client base / contacts  
Meet more foundation/endowment decision-makers  
Meet more family office CIOs  
Solidify relationships with more alpha and next gen maagers  
Deepen dialogue with public pensions  
Hear what other Fund of Funds / Managers of Managers are doing, facing  
Stay current on GP/LP issues  
Meet and engage with more consultants  
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For you, what makes ConsortiumEAST different/unique?


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How many "new bridges" did you build during ConsortiumEAST?


Of those contacts, what percentage are potential new business relationships?

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Did you participate in VIP Connect?