PQA Seeks Member Input on Measure Concept Ideas - to be Considered for 2018
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An important part of the PQA measure development process is the opportunity for PQA members to submit measure concept ideas for future development. Each measure concept idea then is evaluated for the potential to meet standardized measure evaluation criteria (importance, scientific acceptability, feasibility, usability) and prioritized for possible development with input from the Measure Advisement Group, Implementation Advisory Panel, and Patient & Caregiver Advisory Panel.

PQA staff is seeking input from membership on measure concept ideas for potential development in 2018. If you have an idea that you would like considered, please respond to the following questions.

We appreciate as much information as is available; however, if you do not have the information requested, just skip over that item.
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Brief Description

Please provide a brief description of the measure concept idea. If possible, include a title, denominator, and numerator. 


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 - Describe the rationale for why this process or outcome is important to measure and report.
 - What is the opportunity for improvement (i.e., is there a performance gap)? 
 - What evidence supports a relationship between what is being measured and desired outcomes?

Include citations, if possible.


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 - What is/are the data source(s)?

 - Can this measure be easily calculated with a standard data source, or is the data non-standard?


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 What are opportunities for implementation?

 - Once developed, how do you envision the measure being used? 

 - Into what program(s) could the measure be adopted (e.g., Medicare Part D Star Ratings, Medicaid Adult Core Set, MIPS, others)?


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