Wine Walk Naming Survey
Due to trade-name and trademark complications, we are looking to change the name of our Wine Walks.  We would like your help in re-naming our event since Thirsty Third Thursdays will not be available to us without possible royalty fees in the future. We will re-brand in 2018, our 10th year on Wine Walks. 

All name submissions should represent the event in a positive light and should try to incorporate the mission of getting folks into our local businesses.  One suggestion has been "Sip 'N' Shop" simple, tasteful and to the point.  Let us know your ideas below. 

Your wine walk name submission and brief explanation/description of name. (i.e.: Sip 'N' Shop, the participants can sip their wine and shop in our stores) 


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Let us give credit where credit is due, should you have the winning name.

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Unfortunately, we DO have to change the name from Thirsty Third Thursday, Thirsty Thursday, and Thirsty 3rd Thursday are all trademarked elsewhere. We appreciate your help and promise to steward the new name and brand by trademarking it for our future. Thank you for all your help and participation in this event.