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Your input will help me determine which books to write next. Thank you for your help. 
Here's a brief synopsis of each series:
20/20 Vision -- 
Former co-workers Landry Cartwright and Tucker Wolf are partners at CheckInn, an innovative new software system that caters to historical inns and boutique hotels across the country. Landry is blessed/cursed with retrocognition, a unique phenomenon similar to having "the sight". However, instead of seeing into the future, Landry has the ability to see certain events of the past. This 20/20 vision comes in handy when solving any mysteries and murders that might cross their path. (And with a partner as mysterious - and attractive - as Tucker Wolf, she's going to need all the help she can get.)
The first book of the series would be set in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. This spring, I visited Hotel Colorado and learned about its fascinating 100+ year history. Like Tangible Spirits, the series would blend part truth, part fiction into stories based on real landmarks and actual history.

Spirits of Texas --
Hannah's eccentric uncle gifts her with a unique present - a tiny little town in the enchanting Hill Country of Texas which recently went up for auction. The gift is meant as a joke, until Hannah suddenly finds herself unemployed. With nothing to lose, she decides to move to the remote area and turn it into a rustic resort.
To her dismay, the 'town' comes with a few unique residents, including three spirits from the past: a spoiled Southern belle, a weathered old cowboy, and a stoic native American medicine woman, all of which only Hannah can see. With their help, Hannah solves a series of mysteries and crimes, and finds herself at odds with the handsome lawyer who oversees the town's trust fund.
This series would be a cozy, with a light-hearted approach to ghosts and the spirit world. While the town would be fictional, the history and the surrounding areas would be real. (Much like Naomi and Juliet in The Sisters.)

Based on the description above, which series would you be most interested in reading?  

20/20 Vision
Spirits of Texas
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