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Dear Valued Industry Expert,

As Platinum Sponsors of Velocity, The My Private Brand Conference, MBD & WBD are teaming with Christopher Durham and other packaging industry experts to give insider tips and knowledge to those who attend.

As an expert yourself, we'd appreciate your input on a few questions below that will help us gain insight into your world.

Results will be revealed at the conference along with ideas on how to build your brands and advance your career!

We are so excited to participate in this event and would love for you to join our VELOCITY TALK and join the conversation!

BONUS: by participating, you're automatically entered to win a FREE PASS to the conference! Winner to be contacted by MBD on July 31st, the survey end date.

Thank you,
MBD, WBD, and MyPrivateBrand

Katie Locke
Maria Dubuc
Christopher Durham

P.S. Feel free to pass this along to your associates who may have an opinion to share as well!

Please answer the following 5 questions, your input is invaluable!
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What's your biggest buzzkill? Check all that apply
None, our Private Brand Program is perfect! (move on to question 3)
The process takes too long
Inaccurate / incomplete / conflicting info
Too many rounds to get to approval
Unclear roles / responsibilities of team members
Technology too cumbersome
Too much time spent chasing minutia
Too much time spent "waiting"
What would help you focus on your brand(s)? Check all that apply
More people on my team
Normalized processes (all projects run the same way)
Centralized system / processes (vs. spreadsheets or multiple systems)
More useful reporting
Better communication
Less mundane data entry / admin time
More emphasis on strategy
Increased budgets
Ability to hire outside agencies
Work / life balance

Please share a little about yourself
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Company type
Required 4.
Your Role Check all that apply
Product Development
Required 5.
Do you currently have a centralized / single source packaging program?
Yes, Prepress Agency
Yes, Artwork/Design Agency
Yes, In-House Agency
No, Vendors provide all packaging artwork
No, We use multiple resources
Feel free to tell us more, provide your opinion, tell us your story!

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