HollyFrontier Western Celebration Volunteer Sign-up
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How did you hear about the event?
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Which day(s) would you like to volunteer for?
Setup / Tear down
Sunday, August 19
Thursday, August 23
Friday, August 24
Saturday, August 25
Sunday, August 26
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What time of day would you like to volunteer for?
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How many hours are you able to volunteer?  Remember that it will be hot.  Those volunteering for more than 4 hours will be required to take at least a 2-hour break before continuing.  Water is provided to all volunteers, food will be provided to all who volunteer more than 4 hours. 
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8 Hours
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Please let us know of any special request, specific time, duties, and other information that would be helpful.  Also, let us know if you have volunteered for FWC in the past. 

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