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State Fair Booth Sign-Up
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These are the rules that all volunteers must follow and all shift leaders must enforce.
Please read these carefully before continuing.
NO EATING IN THE BOOTH. Please help keep other food allergic volunteers safe. Keep your food in well-sealed containers and store it with your purses/bags. Water, pop, and lemonade in covered containers are acceptable.

Wash your hands after eating. This will help keep other food allergic volunteers safe.

The weight machine and the booth must be staffed AT ALL TIMES by two separate people, at least one responsible adult or teen each. If you need a break and there are only two volunteers in the booth, contact your shift leader. In an emergency only, one adult must be in the booth staffing the weight machine.

Do not recommend places to eat. Cross contact and a lack of employee training are serious issues. Many employees at the fair are teenagers at their first job and have not learned about food allergies. Each person/parent needs to investigate directly with the vendor and the onsite staff to decide if the food is safe. NO safe food list may be provided.

Act professionally AT ALL TIMES. When you are volunteering, you are representing AFAA.

Do not use electronics for non-productive purposes while in the booth. Acceptable uses are: Emergency Phone Calls, Timekeeping, Bookmark Tracking.

I understand these rules and wish to volunteer for the AFAA State Fair Booth.