Alabama A&M University (AAMU) is committed to and focused on operational excellence across all areas of the University.  Currently, at AAMU, there is not a comprehensive system in place for measuring customer satisfaction and evaluating service excellence of individual AAMU employees who interact with students, parents and others.

Alabama A&M University's goal, as part of the Strategic Plan 2015 - 2025: Into the Future - Strategic Priority 2: Strengthen Structures, Operations, and Systems to Promote and Support Organizational Excellence and Stewardship, is to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and stewardship of University operations to sustain the transformation of the University.

 AAMU is asking that each employee fill out the Internal Service Excellence Assessment Survey. The purpose of this survey is to establish a baseline of AAMU's level of service excellence. From this survey, the University will identify strengths and weaknesses of AAMU's service excellence and identify strategies for overall improvement and enhancement of AAMU's level of service excellence.