Activity Planning Survey
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The Monashee Arts Council is a non-profit society that promotes the enjoyment of and participation in arts and culture by all residents in our region:  Lavington, Whitevale, Lumby, Mabel Lake, Cherryville and the surrounding rural districts. MAC sponsors cultural events, encourages the formation of groups devoted to individual artistic disciplines, promotes community economic development through the arts and articulates the cultural needs of the community to all levels of government. Click here for more about what MAC does.

We are planning our upcoming year of activities and would like your input!  You don't need to be a member of MAC to let us know what you think!! Help us enhance the performing and visual arts opportunities in our communities by answering this quick survey.  Your feedback will be shared as group results with MAC Members at an upcoming planning session. 
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Please rank your interest in the Monashee Arts Council (MAC) with "1" being your primary interest and 6 being of least interest.  In the comment section, please suggest what you would include in the "other" category if anything.  If nothing, please rank Other as 6. And please note that all 6 items must be ranked.  

(1 = My Primary Interest in MAC)
Supporter, Spectator or Audience Member, Purchaser of tickets for example
Friendship, Networking, Education
Artist, Performer, Participant in workshops for example
Commercial Interest such as selling your work for example
Skill Development, Sharing, Learning
Other (please complete comment section)
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In the last year, how have you been involved with MAC? Select as many as apply.

Helped at Lumby Days
Attended at least one Directors Meeting
Entered the Photography Contest
Entered the Arts show
Participated in a Workshop or Class
Do you think the Monashee Arts Council should put more or less focus on the following activities?   Please rate each item according to the scale.
 A Lot Less A little Less About the Same A Little More A Lot More 
Performances from Outside the Community
Classes and Workshops for Adults
Classes and Workshops for Children and Youth
Participatory Productions (such as talent shows or theatre plays, not workshops or classes)
Socials and Networking
Public Dances
Support for local artists
Groups like photography
Communications such as email newsletters
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The Monashee Arts Council is run by volunteers. Are there any areas where you would be interested in volunteering?  Please check the areas where you have interest and provide your name email address in the comment section so we can follow up with you. Thank You!

Becoming A Director
Attending Monthly Board Meetings
Lumby Days Committee and Art Show
Photography Group or Contest
Performing Arts Committee
Theatre Group
Organizing Events
Leading a Workshop or Class
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Are you a member of the Monashee Arts Council? (Membership is $15 annually and includes a number of benefits. Visit the MAC website for more information.)

In the past I have been a member but am not currently a member
Never have been a member
I am interested in being a member
Not sure

Are you interested in participating in a half-day long Action Planning Session

for the upcoming year of the Monashee Arts Council.  Please provide your name and email address in the comments section and select the day or days you might be available. 


Attendance is open to all MAC society members in good standing.
Memberships are available for purchase at the Village Gallery in Lumby from Jennifer Greenwood, MAC coordinator.  

Thursday, September 14 Morning
Thursday, September 14 Afternoon
Friday, September 15 Morning
Friday, September 15 Afternoon
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Is there any information you would like to provide to the Monashee Arts Council for consideration at their upcoming planning session?


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